Why do I need Business CCTV Cameras?

Many business owners like to think that their business is immune from the problems that are commonly associated with other businesses. We tell ourselves that we did a great job hiring, so our employees wouldn't steal...our customers are the best in the world so they wouldn't take anything either. We also can tell ourselves that no one would vandalize our business because we have never done anything to hurt anyone. The problem is, that we are selling ourselves on being invincible. The problem is that every business is exposed to theft from within and without and all of us are vulnerable to outside damages. A good business cctv camera system will provide you with evidence of what is happening and the ability to connect while away from your business even. Most of our systems even include the ability to connect to your cameras from a PC, laptop, PDA phone or even iPhone, iPod, Blackberry phone or even Google Android phone.

Business CCTV Camera Systems

There are a few different types of Business CCTV Camera Systems that can be used for monitoring and recording your Business CCTV Cameras. When selecting a system for your Business, you might consider a Standalone DVR CCTV Camera system, which will allow you to record from your cameras directly onto a DVR with a hard drive, so that you can display them directly onto a TV. The other option is a PC-Based CCTV Camera System, which will record from cameras directly onto your PC's hard drive for live viewing and playback right on your PC monitor.

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MegaPixel IP Cameras

MegaPixel IP cameras can be combined with many of our PC-Based DVR Systems to provide higher definition HDTV video recording.
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MegaPixel IP Cameras here

Business CCTV Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor Business CCTV Cameras are commonly used for monitoring parking lots as well as entry doors.
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Outdoor Business CCTV Cameras here

Business CCTV Indoor Cameras

Indoor Business CCTV Cameras are great for monitoring the registers, retail products, office areas, entry doors, warehouse areas and loading docks of your business.
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Business CCTV Infrared Cameras

Infrared Business CCTV Cameras provide much-needed night vision video recording, to protect your business even at night
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Infrared Business CCTV Cameras here

Business CCTV Covert Cameras

Covert Business CCTV Cameras perfect for monitoring the inside of your business without anyone knowing they are being watched
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Business CCTV PTZ Cameras

Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Business CCTV Cameras are great for giving you added control and zoom capabilities for ultimate control and surveillance of your business
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Business CCTV Camera Systems

With US economic recession looming ahead, many business owners are reviewing their business to try to take back profit margins that can help them weather the stormy seasons ahead. With low margin sales and high overhead of conducting business, many business owners are finding ways to reduce theft and vandalism, so that they can add profit back into their bottom line.

Business CCTV Camera Systems are one way that business owners have been able to reduce their theft and vandalism. Theft comes in many forms: consumer theft, employee theft and burglary. Business CCTV Cameras can continuously record from the inside and outside of your business, discouraging would-be criminals from stealing from your business.  For those who are still not discouraged, these Business CCTV Cameras can provide video evidence of exactly what occured, helping you retrieve stolen money and win a conviction against the perpetrator.

CCTV Cameras do not have to cost thousands of dollars.  Some basic systems can be purchased for less than $300, which can begin returning much of your lost money back into your budget. Many of these Business CCTV Camera Systems can even be viewed remotely over the internet, some even allow for remote viewing from a PDA phone or Cell Phone, so that you can view your cameras from virtually anywhere.

Business CCTV Camera Types

Outdoor Business CCTV CamerasOutdoor Business CCTV Cameras

Outdoor Business CCTV Cameras are an excellent choice for providing video surveillance footage of your businesses entry doors, exit doors, parking lot and more. These cameras are sealed against the weather, and can be plugged into a PC-Based DVR, Standalone DVR, VCR or directly into a Television for monitoring.

Outdoor Business CCTV Cameras

Indoor Business CCTV CamerasIndoor Business CCTV Cameras

If you are looking to keep video footage of any home health workers, children, babysitters, nannies or maids that might be working or staying inside of your home. Indoor Home Surveillance CCTV Cameras provide a great way to protect the inside of your home. These cameras come in several different varieties: Dome Indoor Home Surveillance cameras and Covert Hidden Home Indoor Surveillance Cameras. Dome cameras are great to deter theft and let everyone in your home know that they are being watched, while covert indoor home surveillance cameras are able to provide the video footage without anyone knowing it is a camera.

Indoor Business CCTV Cameras

Infrared IR Night vision Business CCTV CamerasInfrared (IR) Business CCTV Cameras

Infrared IR Business CCTV Cameras are the best choice for any camera that is to be placed into a dark environment.  These cameras supply their own invisible infrared light, so that the cameras can see even in no-light conditions.  These cameras are very popular for bars, clubs, and any offices where lights are not left on at night.

Infrared Business CCTV Cameras

Covert Hidden Mini Business CCTV CamerasCovert - Hidden Business CCTV Cameras

Covert cameras are a great choice for any business where you need to be able to record what your employees and patrons are doing without them knowing that they are being watched.  These cameras provide great quality video, but look like normal business items, so that no one would suspect that they are actually cameras.

Covert Business CCTV Cameras

Business PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) CCTV CamerasPTZ Pan/Tilt/Zoom Business CCTV Cameras

Moving Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras are a great choice for any high-end business installation where the ability to control the angle and zoom of the camera is desired. These cameras can be controlled using virtually any Standalone DVR or PC-Based DVR System.

Business PTZ CCTV Cameras

Business CCTV Camera Systems

Business CCTV Standalone DVR Camera SystemsStandalone DVR Business CCTV Camera Systems

Standalone DVR Systems are highly recommended for most small businesses.  These systems are simple and easy to install, and plug directly into a television to allow you to view all of your cameras live on the TV, or playback pre-recorded footage right on the TV. The cameras record directly onto an internal hard drive in the Standalone DVR.

Standalone DVR Business CCTV Camera Systems

PC-Based Business CCTV Camera DVR SystemsPC-Based Business CCTV Camera DVR Systems

PC-Based DVR Systems are easily the most popular type of system for business camera installations.  These systems include a DVR Card that will install directly into your desktop-style Windows XP or Windows Vista PC, allowing you to view each of your business CCTV Cameras right on your PC Monitor, as well as record them right onto your PC's hard drive. These systems are expandable, allowing you to add more DVR Cards later for additional business cctv cameras. These systems also generally provide the best quality remote viewing capabilities.

PC-Based Business CCTV Camera DVR Systems